Ecommerce Sales Boosting Tips and Hacks

Best Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Lift Sales of Your Online Business

What is a purpose of running an eCommerce business without a target of desired conversion? most of digital marketers does not understand this with business owners.

I have understood this problem with my team members and my clients queries so I am writing these sales boosting hacking tricks for all online business owners.

Nowadays eCommerce growth hacks are applied everywhere, we need to understand and implement them in a correct way could prove to be useless for our business conversion growth. eCommerce businesses around the world have become more commercialized than ever and they have hired professionals who are implementing growth hacks to conversion nowadays. So if want to know how to increase your eCommerce conversion rate or need some advice on how to Boost online Sales then this post is dedicated specially for you.

Without wasting time, lets come on the Growth Hacks Tricks for Ecommerce Digital Marketing:

1. Guest Posts & Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is always a great way to drive traffic to your eCommerce Website and boost your online sales. By writing regular guest posts on high-traffic websites, you can reach a new audience and increase your visibility online which would result in more leads and sales in the process. You may follow these tips to make sure your email stands out and gets the attention of blog editors.

2. Be Innovative in Marketing

Unique and crazy advertising tricks works most of the time, if you want to increase your sales, make sure customers know your brand is dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience for them. Customer loves discounts, discount on deals, discount on shipping additionally return policy attracts most of customers and build trust.

3. “Customer Chat” – Boost Sales and Brand Trust

Adding live chat functionalities to your eCommerce site always help to boost sales by engaging with potential customers and addressing any questions or concerns they may have. This potentially allows customers to ask questions and get help with their purchases in real-time boosting their trust in your site.

The availability of a live chat option can also help keep customers on your site longer, which can lead to increased conversions. Not to mention, the Live chat feature on your site helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. A/B Test Your Product Pages

Running A/B tests is one of the most common sales growth hacks. Through trial and error, you quickly identify what’s growing your business and what’s hurting it.

Experiment with a few small changes to the design, text, and images of your pages to see which adjustments improve your sales. Here are a few ideas to start your testing:

  • The size of your product photos
  • Including or excluding a trust badge
  • Indicating when your supply is limited
  • The color of your “Add to Cart” button

5. Request Shares with Order Confirmations

In eCommerce website business, your job isn’t done once you make the initial sale — it’s just the beginning. Once you get someone to convert and make a purchase on your website, you can use that relationship to connect with more prospective customers.

Always give option to celebrate purchase to share. An easy way to do this is to include a message on order confirmation pages and emails that encourages buyers to share their purchase on Facebook or Twitter.

6. Video Marketing

My most favorite and result giving sales boosting hack! Video Marketing With a forecasted explosion of 81% of all consumer web traffic by 2021, videos are one of the most viable marketing forms today. The reason why video marketing works is because of its plausible virality and easy shareability.

Audiences around the world seek videos because they are much easier to consume and absorb than written contents. Plus, it’s much more entertaining.

7. Social Media Engagement

Displaying social proofs on your website to increase your store’s influence and reputation, especially to your first-time website visitors. Your homepage should capture social proofs such as testimonials, number of past customers served, or any user-generated contents.

Reviews, actions, and statements from real people can be extremely powerful selling drivers. This is what social proof is all about. The idea is that displaying the number of social followers, fans, views, likes, and comments can positively affect how potential customers will perceive your online shop.

8. Build and Launch Festivals Campaigns

India is a festival shopping behaviour, Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, karwa chauth, Diwali and Christmas are ecommerce gold mines — buyers are ready to make many expensive purchases, so you want to be prepared to encourage their shopping even further with a seasonal store campaign. It’s important to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities these seasons bring to your business.

While campaigns are typically cantered around promotions, there are plenty of other ways your store can attract seasonal shoppers. You could, for example, get buyers excited with festivals-inspired packaging or you could add a new line of festival products.


Ecommerce Sales Boosting is about discovering new and creative solutions to market your brand and sell your products with the main principle of growth. While growth hacking can be many things, for eCommerce, it is focused on the overall customer journey. Our guide to eCommerce growth hacks will help you acquire, convert, and retain your customers innovatively.

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