Why Ecommerce Marketing Need to be focus on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

What is eCommerce CRO?

Conversation rate optimization or CRO is the process of optimizing your eCommerce website to increase sales.

We at Sainet Technologies expertise in Ecommerce Digital Marketing, related to CRO, we have do this through a variety of strategies including optimizing ecommerce purchase steps like through product detail page to checkout process, improving your product pages, and adding more popups and CTAs throughout your site.

Why should you invest in conversion rate optimization?

This is important to understand, lets assume how we focusing on conversion rate optimization can help your business; for example let’s say you sell shoes and your average order value (AOV) is Rs. 1000. You get 20,000 unique visitors to your site every month, and your conversion rate is 1%.

So how many customers would you have on average every month?

Paying customers (conversions) = 20,000 * 0.01 = 200
Revenue = 200 * Rs. 600 = Rs.1,20,000

CRO Optimization is a process to improve your conversion rate, lets say if you can get 1% more conversion than your revenue will be double!

Improving your conversion rate just doubled your sales. Your PPC resource is will be more happy because his sales just doubled as well, and Google is giving him a priority and better placement (because of the higher conversion rate).

The benefits of investing in conversion rate optimization

  1. Improves the bottom line
  2. Improves the sales and efficiency of multiple marketing channels at once
  3. Empowers your marketing team and saves costs

Process and scope of increasing your eCommerce conversion rate

-We Analise your data, we wish to double your conversion so we understand data, bounce rate, individual page traffic reports

  • We study Funnel and improve individual steps pages to reduce time, optimization
  • Use engaging product images
  • Display user-generated photos & videos from your customers and influencers
  • Display a product video as the primary product image
  • Display a “certified” badge on your primary product image
  • Display product reviews for each product
  • Pack your product description with useful info

If you are struggling with your ecommerce sales and improve your conversion rate, Please contact us and we will help you to increase your sales